How To Make Your First Sale

Oh the joy of getting your first paying client!!!!!

A couple of days ago, a good friend of mine shared with me how excited she was that She finally got her first legitimate client with her business. It wasn’t done by hooking people up. Not doing it in exchange for something else. Not doing it for free just for the exposure. She had landed her client who was willing to pay for her services at the price that she had set! I knew this moment her breaking the threshold to landing her first few sales in business!  She had finally entered  into the world of being a “paid” business owner & it reminded me of the high I first felt. Figuring out how to make your first sale is tough but I promise you, there is a sweet spot!


Why It’s Such a BIG DEAL…

When anyone is for starting their business you can sometimes feel awkward getting sales & asking for money when you know that this person is not familiar with your brand or your previous work, in some cases lack there of. It can be especially hard for women in business. As a result most of us have given people ” the hook up”, a price that’s ” for the low”, things for exchange or maybe even for free. If you are going to do that you have to do so selectively like a real GirlBoss. Make people believe that what you do is worth cold hard cash. Keep this in mind… Your bills need to be paid, especially if you plan on making this a full-time situation one day.

How Do You Make Your First Sale?

  • Know what it is that you are selling: Take a more literal look at what your “transactions” are. For example, a blogger may think that they are selling their writing but actually they are selling their ad space to sponsors or their products to their readers. (At first I thought with MadeHerselfABoss, I was selling information but I am actually selling tickets to our conferences and workshops) 
  • Ask one, maybe two selected friends to use as your business guinea pigs. Do a service for them and make sure that they let others know how good your service is. These you are doing for the portfolio aspect (Photos, comments, testimonials)
  • Based on your work and what it takes for you to perform the job, come up with a price list to refer to when people inquire about your services.
  • Make sure that you deliver a quality job every single time. Being selective is key because you want to make sure that whatever job you decide to take on will work within your schedule and be deliverable and its quality. Each new job is supposed to make you look better. Even if things do not work out for some reason you have your previous body of work to use and attract new clients.
  • Make sure that your brand looks together. When things look as though they are going every direction all at once without cohesiveness, IT SHOWS! The website needs to be on point for sure! If you need help, thats when I can come in 🙂

Tell me in the comments below how you felt when you got your first sale.

If you haven’t yet tell me what you are doing in order to earn your first sale…