The Day That Changed It All For Me

One thing that I’ve learned after years of being a shy introvert afraid to deviate from the script is that you don’t always have to know exactly what you are doing in order to get started. That lesson has proven itself time and time again, especially when I see so many of my friends just take a chance on a new idea and it ending up changing their lives. I know that I kind of gassed it up there but the small realizations are just as important as the big ones.

I don’t remember the exact date but I knew that it was summer ’15. I had just gotten fired from my job and was determined to gain a new skill to make my own money. (That’s a story for an upcoming video right?) I already had a pretty good quality camera I had gotten refurbished and now that I had the time to treat photography as more than just a hobby, I asked one of my friends to spend a super hot day outside with me to practice. I picked a park I used to work out in and we got started. At first, some part of me just assumed that with most people when they get in front of a camera, you don’t have to do much once you get the subject in focus. Don’t get me wrong, she knew her angles, but now that I was doing this with a purpose behind it, I added more creativity than just a point and shoot. I wanted to capture more of a feeling than the actual model. I wanted there to be shadow on the side of her face that showed the vulnerable¬†expression but at the same time, let the sun hit parts of her body showing the natural glow she has inside being exposed through her skin….¬†“What?! Who said that and where is this coming from?” I thought silently as I positioned her for the shot. It was that day I realized how much feeling I really have in this and that I was really developing¬†my “eye”. These aren’t too bad for a newbie right?
Anyway, I had no idea what I was doing besides what I had ready about focus, and how much light to let into the camera, etc the night before. I had no idea what I was doing but it still felt right and felt strong to me. Now years later, I look forward to every chance I have to form a feeling in my photos and get paid to do so.

I say all that to say, even when you think you have no idea about what you are about to throw yourself into, after you’ve already committed to taking that chance, focus on the feeling of it. That will tell you if this is something you should continue to pursue. Sometimes you have to start by putting feeling in front of fundamentals.

I’m just say’n

I hope this encourages you to take chances today!

With love,