Have peace of mind that your site will remain ready and up to date at all times by subscribing to the Monthly Maintenance Plan. Your time should be spent on running your business, not getting stuck on your website! let me & my team continuously take care of your site’s needs as well as be on call for your questions! 

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plan includes

Keeping your site up to date

We will consistantly make sure the features on your site are updated to their latest versions.

Keeping a Daily backup

we will keep a daily backup of your site so not to lose any of your content. you’ll be able to access previous versions of your site in case you mess something up. 

Answers to your questions within 24hrs

if you get stuck on something, we will answer your question via email within a timely manner so you can get back to running your amazing site with ease. 

Make desired changes to your site

we get it! your business changes and so does the look for it. if you ever want to make minor changes to the look or positioning of your website’s design, let us know! We’ve got you! 

sign up today!

only $10/month